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This post is caused by many years of analysis, collecting information, last but not least taking it-all collectively in one single location

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This has cultivated beyond the actual slim reason for distinguishing certain changes in the Vega made banjo types, particularly the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone, to include whenever the name stamps changed. You will findn’t tried to accommodate a date to your serial numbers, but that info — although at best speculative and rough — can be found somewhere else, like Mugwumps on line. For all the collector/scholar, it is necessary merely to know when adjustment occured. When it comes to customer, it is vital to understand that a guitar being sold as “all earliest” probably is. Certain information here will help.

A lot of tailpieces and lots of in the tuners additionally came from Waverly

1st, it is essential to understand some specifics. Most the material parts for pretty much the East shore banjo makers are furnished by one providers — Waverly songs merchandise of New York, NY, operating from before the turn regarding the century until the seventies if they happened to be acquired by Stewart-MacDonald of Athens, OH. I questioned Waverly’s after that manager, a Mr. Lomb — daughter and grandson from the creators, early in 1970 when he had place the team on the block. The guy explained that Waverly, for who he’d worked since his pre-teens, got supplied a lot of the steel portion and items with the banjo makers. In the workshop he demonstrated myself most activities, blades, methods, and dies found in putting some peanuts for Vega, Gibson, Bacon, Paramount as well as the standard walnuts we keep company with the big manufacturers. Waverly also produced a lot of, varied, stretcher rings, the straightforward brass hoops useful tone rings regarding the less costly tools, plus some in the parts that gone inside more contemporary tone bands. They even made the various sneakers and hooks, from Cobra hooks utilized on early Fairbanks toward contemporary level and spherical hooks. There had been other people creating some devices was indisputed, but Waverly generated nearly all of they. I am not sure when they produced the Whyte Laydie and Tubaphone assemblies or if perhaps many parts are produced locally after which put together at Vega — more apt situation.

The likelihood is that Vega couldn’t stamp the serial quantity on a rim until final construction, prior to it was ready to end up being shipped. Considering that the wheels were assembled independently from the necks, and because Vega generated sold many different kinds (5 sequence, tenor, electric guitar, mandolin, plectrum, etc.) they stands to reason your serial amounts wasn’t afixed till the neck and rim happened to be mated. This would describe the reason why some wheels have equipment and specs following the time whenever some components comprise disountinued. It seems particularly so the earlier in the day Vega no. 7’s and number 9’s which clearly available in modest amounts, in addition to put together wheels might relax for a time. It generally does not give an explanation for apparent anomolies of title stamps appearing with serial figures earlier than envisioned. Two feasible details eventually myself — there are certainly others. Very first is actually a reporting error, but I’ve come across some myself, and already been sent photo of other individuals. Others feasible description could be that banjo got gone back to the factory, considering an innovative new neck with newer logo design stamp, but numbered using the outdated serial amounts. Your thoughts about and any other factor highly relevant to this study are welcomed.